heilpraxis-ferraro - massage

Deep/Soft Tissue Massage

Deep/Soft Tissue Massage helps relieve fascial (fibrous connective tissue) restrictions that cause pain, regain motion in muscles and joints, increase circulation and influence lymph drainage

Breuß Massage

The Breuß- Massage is often combined with the Dorn- Therapy but can also be applied as a single treatment. The Breuß- Massage is a delicate, flowing treatment of the spine that relaxes the muscles so the adjustment from Dorn becomes easier. The spine is stretched and elongated and St. John’s wort oil is deeply massage in the discs, making the spine feel more stable and alive.

Tibetan Massage

The Tibetan Massage consists of very soft and slow strokes on the back and neck with the use of St. John’s wort oil. This refreshing massage establishes energy flow in the body, relieves tension and stimulates the immune system which helps to activate the self regeneration process of the body against illness. The Tibetan Healing Massage is deeply relaxing and meditative bringing peace to the body, mind and soul and very helpful against depressive feelings.

Foot Reflexology

With special oils and nurturing creams, your feet, calves and knees will be spoiled with flowing strokes leaving them soft and relaxed. The Foot Reflexzones will also be activated promoting health and vibrance to your organs and spine.

The Foot Reflexology Massage simultaneously stimulates, refreshes and deeply relaxes your body.

At the end of the treatment Leg Acupressure is applied as well as a short neck and head massage.